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July 17th – 23rd

Hello everyone,
I’ve decided to make this a weekly series for the whole lot this summer. Ali expect too see another 4 or 5 more of these in the course of the holiday!

Monday 17th
Today was such a productive day! Even if I did wake up late (oops! Not the plan!) I still motivated myself to revise. Not only did I do that, I organised all my revision material in one folder, organised the workbooks and revision guides. I was so happy with myself! Afterthat, I was playing around with a few hairstyles and I didn’t think I’d look ok in spacebuns. It’s because I have thin hair and it’s harder to make voluminous buns but I did it! I doubt I’d be able to do it again, haha. In the evening, I was watching a lot of YouTube videos and ate a lot of sweets. So unhealthy but hey ho.

Tuesday 18th
The day started off at 9am. I made sure to have a little lie in and catch – up on some social media. I had cereal for breakfast than I caught up on some YouTube videos because it felt like everyone was posting in one day! Around 10 past 1 at lunch time, I went to hang out with my friends. We went near a river, had ice cream and were talking on a bench at downtown. It was really nice to see them. Once I got home, I was so tired! On the way home I saw my mum and my sister so I was happy that I had them to walk with for the rest of the walk home. I was to tired to revise so i didnt. A package came today and it was blogger mail! I spent the rest of my afternoon taking pictures for the post. The blogpost will be up at the end of August. I had dinner, caught up on social media and went to bed.
Wednesday 19th
I did NOT have a good morning. I woke up around 3 hours later (2:40am) due to thunder and lightning. The rain was so heavy! The thunder was really loud for a good hour or two and the lightning was so deadly! It was so bright every time it struck and I would close my eyes. The curtains did no justice. I finally fell asleep when it died down a little, and than I woke up at 9am and made a start on the very post your reading. I wasted most of the day trying to sleep and I failed. All I did was play a few games with my little sister and now am blogging. Today is the day new post went up (read here) and I plan to write a lot more and go to sleep.

Thursday 20th
Half the day was gone and I slept like there was no tomorrow. When most of the day is gone, I have no motivation for anything else but still make sure to have a good breakfast. All I remember is playing with my younger sister for the rest of the day and eating pizza. The day was so short that it almost felt like a blur.
Friday 21st
I stayed at home all day and only my sister was home. I decided to catch up on blogposts, plan posts in my blogging book ready to be typed up. For once it was really nice to be alone. Haha, this makes me feel so unsocaible but, a girl needs her alone time, right? I even started to type up this blogpost. It’s evening at the moment of time I’m writing this and I can say that today was a successful day. You can read todays blogpost here. Than at night, me and my sister’s went through old pictures and were having a laugh with my brother.
Saturday 22nd
I went to bed at a reasonable time last night but I still woke up at 11am which I found so strange! I slept for 12 hours. I must’ve been so exhausted that I didn’t even realise. To start my day off, I took my little sister to her class and came back home and had breakfast. I just had a toast with nutella so than I can have lunch at 2pm. Nothing really happened except for helping my mum and sister with the shopping they got and talking to them. After 3pm I felt so bored and didn’t want to do anything so I continued reading a book. I actually finished it and it’s called A Boy I Admired From A Far and the second book is coming out on wattpad and I can’t wait to read it! To finish my evening off, I had spaghetti Bolognese for dinner and watched Mean Girls and it’s been so long since I watched it. That film is one of my old faves.
Sunday 23rd
I’ve been neglecting revision so badly because of the time I’ve been waking up daily and I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t have the motivation today either. I cleaned my room and everything else and it was lunch. I was sick of going on my phone (who knew this day would come? Haha) so I decided to re-write my English notes I took on Monday and wrote them in more detail. I haven’t finished but will do so on the week commencing. Now I’m finishing this post off and yeah! I plan to publish this and go to bed.

So I hope you all liked this weeks post. Don’t worry, this week was like a resting week for me so the summer fun starts from next week and i’m so excited to share it with you all! Have a lovely day everyone.

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    I really enjoyed this post!💗

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    fun post!

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