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Hello everyone,

I was tagged by the lovely Sophia from the blog Gingerful.  Thank you so much for tagging me! And I’m so sorry it’s late. I’ll get right into it.

The rules for this tag are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. For each of the five senses describe five of your favorite things having to do with that sense.
  3. Nominate 5 other people to do this tag.


  1. I love how beautiful nature is so that has to be my number 1 thing I love to see.
  2. Just looking at the scenery puts me into a happy mood.
  3. We appreciate nature more when we look and discover it’s.
  4. Just looking around helps you take in the beauty around you.
  5. Nothing is better than looking at the sunset.


  1. I love the fresh smell of the sea as it makes me feel really calm!
  2. Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly baked cake?
  3. I’m the few who likes the smell of new books😂
  4. I always sniff chocolate because it just smells to damn good!
  5. Smelling flowers is great but I can’t do it that much as I have hayfever.


  1. I’ve always loved picking flowers and still do! Touching the flowers reminds me of past memories.
  2. That proud momment of having a successful DIY and you hold it like you won it as a trophy.
  3. The best touch is when you hug your loved ones.
  4. The feeling of cool water in the beach.
  5. Making cookies are the best especially when making the dough.


I have a weakness of anything sweet! I love the taste of deserts and my favourite flavour is chocolate.


  1. Who doesn’t love music? I love listening to music and is one of my favourite things to do.
  2. When you listen to laughter just fills so much joy in me.
  3. The crackling sounds of a fireplace.
  4. The birds chirping are a sign of a new morning.
  5. I love the sound of flipping the page of a book. It’s weirdly satisfying.

I tag:

  1. PeachesandCleanBeauty
  2. OneGirlOneStoryblog
  3. PinkPrincessOlivia
  4. Becklx
  5. IhnGenuity

So I want to thank Sophia for tagging me to do this post. Click here to follow her blog. I wish I can tag more people but it says to just tag 5. I hope everyone has a great day!

😘The Average Gurl

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