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BTS: Stay organised 2016*

Hello everyone,

I was kindly sent this beautiful planner by that I got to customise so I can give my honest review on it. I feel like this planner is so helpful that I think it will help you guys to stay organised for back to school! Let me show you why I think this personalised planner is great for school.


First off, delivery was very quick as it came all the way from Sweden. A week later of ordering I got to open the package. You know for sure its the planner as it comes in cute packaging instead of the standard brown shipping packaging. What I loved was that it tracks your order with no extra fee which I think was a great bonus!

After I ordered my planner I saw that you could customise the front cover but i already ordered it so it was too late. However, I am super happy with Personal Planner’s variety of front covers because I adore this pink and white striped cover. There is an elastic which you can add. I thought it was super cute so I decided to add it. The elastic is compulsory with the order but you can choose not to add it to your planner if you don’t want to. Text at the front is optional too.

Another customisation feature is to customise the front page. You could add a title and any other information about yourself. As you can see I wrote my name and a quote underneath it. Underneath the quote you can add more information of whatever you want but I chose to leave it blank. Oh and I forgot to mention that you can choose whatever month you want the planner to start in and it will give the next 12 months.

Now I’m going to be showing you the customisation features that will benefit you for the next school year.

Firstly, the month overview. For quick reminders and occasions or even exams, this is great to just see what is going on this month. There is a little note section on the side for any follow ups of your quick notes for the month.

The weekly pages are customised differently by everyone. You can put the rows horizontally, vertically or collumns. As you can see my days are placed horizontally and my header is pink. You can have whatever colour or design but I was going for the theme of Pink, White and Grey. I didn’t want my planner to just have plain white background with lines. Instead I chose my lines to be in shades of grey as I wanted my planner to have a theme. That’s why I love because each planner is different according to the person.

I really enjoyed planning so here is an example of a week below:

This is a MUST for any student out there!! You can customise the bottom of your pages. I recommend the Exams of the week so you can look at them at a glance for the week. And next to it I’ve added List of the week because I know that this school year will be a lot more tough so lists will be my new best friend!

Personal Planner have a feature were they automatically add important information for everyone. For example: Sunday 30th October the time will go backwards. When I look at my planner that week, I’ll know when to change my watches.

Another great addition to the planner is the ruler. You can choose whatever colour you want and you can attach or take it of whenever you want. My one is clear and I mainly use mine to mark what week I’m in. It is a little longer than the planner so it can be used as a bookmark.

As there are 2 pages for a week, you can add more custom designs onto the second page for the week. I’ve added a little box to draw or write something small. Than the regular overview of the month next to it. Lastly, I put a notes section next to that.

Finally, than you choose the extra pages you want at the end of the planner.  There are so many selections! You can also choose however many pages you want on the pages you chose.

I chose the pages

  • 2016 overview (4 pages)
  • 2017 overview (4 pages)
  • Squared paper (6 pages)
  • Lined paper (6 pages)
  • Dotted paper (6 pages)
  • Plain paper (6 pages)
  • Address (2 pages)

Last but not least there is a plain plastic wallet at the end of your planner. I don’t think its visible on the picture but that’s were I store any appointment cards or the stickers. Lets just take a moment of silence on how cute these stickers that come with the planner are!… They come with so many and you can rip them to have them in certain sizes. I loved them and used all the birthday stickers to mark my friends birthdays. My favourite have to be the emoji stickers! I just love them.

Personal planners make plan fun and easy and just the way you want! They retail for the planner is £22.90 for the size I have. There are other sizes for cheaper but I think you guys should check their website out: to see which one is best for you.

Personal planner’s Links:

So I hope you guys liked this post. I definitely recommend this planner for back to school because its so helpful. This was my first back to school (BTS) post so make sure to follow for more! Have a great day everyone.

Read Disclaimer here.

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  • beautyandpizza

    That planner is so pretty! I needed a post like this as I am a helplessly messy person😂 Thank you! Xx

    August 28, 2016 at 11:08 am Reply
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    just nominated you for the liebster award.xx

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  • lifechase

    Such a cool planner and amazing pics

    August 17, 2016 at 10:37 pm Reply
  • lifechase

    This looks amazing! I am literally going to go on their page now

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  • lifechase

    Sounds amazing and awsome pics!

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  • Style It Out

    Such a lovely planner, I’ll have to check their website out! <3

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    Aww omg! I have been looking for a planner like that so thanks! And your pictures are amazing! X

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    • The Average Gurl

      That’s great! And thank you so much xxx

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