Autumn/Winter hairstyles

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be showing you how to do 3 easy hairstyles that I have been loving for Autumn/winter! Make sure to tag me in Instagram (@theaverage.gurl) if you do any of these hairstyles.

So let’s begin.

1) Side ponytail

This hairstyle is very put together but very quick if your in a hurry.

Sode Pony Tail

Method: Put your hair to a side parting. Leave a whisp of hair out and tie the rest of the hair to the preferred side. That’s it! You can add a bow to add a statement like I have.

2) Side Dutch Braid

This hairstyle is sleek yet stylish! Want a statement? Definitely use this hairstyle.

Side Dutch Braid

Method: Create a deep side parting on your hair. Than section of your to the ear. With the smaller section (near you hair line) Dutch braid it. To Dutch braid, simply start a normal braid and than start adding little sections and incorporate it to the braid. Remember to cross your braid under. Once you have finnished the Dutch braid, just continue braiding the left over hair. After that, just pull on the braid to make it appear bigger.

Than the section the hair you have not touched (section behind your ear) put it into a low side ponytail and incorporate the braid aswell. Done!

3) Normal braid: Back to basics

I have 4 versions of this photo because I took it at night time and the quality isn’t great. I could’ve taken another picture but it’s already dark😩. So hopefully these filters helped. (Never take a picture after it becomes dark).

This is just so easy to do when you don’t feel like doing anything to your hair but still want to look presentable.

Half A Braid

Method: Part your hair to the side. Than gather all your hair to the opposite side of your hair parting and start braiding. Braid halfway and tie it off. Than take a whisp of hair out to frame your face. Finally, pull on t
he braid to make it appear bigger and for the finishing touch, add a bow/accesory of your choice!
So I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and comment below which hairstyle is your favourite! And comment below⤵️⤵️⤵️ what hairstyle you have been wearing the most during the autumn/winter season!!

😘The Average Gurl


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