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Hello everyone,

It would be great if you follow all the blogs below because we are all going to do a post every Monday on a topic by A Teenage Diary Online that she says. Find our opinions on all who have signed up below. I’m so happy to be takin part.

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Hey Guys! I decided to give you all the info and details about BGTB. I have a few people signed up but of course if you want you can sign up!
Basically the launch of #BGTB is going to be Monday 26th October. I would love if one the Sunday before, anyone who has signed up, you could do a post about #BGTB. Of course you don’t have to !
On Monday I will post the first topic and you will have 2 weeks to post something about that topic, of course if you don’t know about a certain part of the topic that is alright!
I am also thinking of having a twitter chat but I am not so sure about that. I will let you know. Tell me what you think about it.
Oh I need a logo ! Crap. I need to make one don’t I? If anyone can make a logo let me know! If not I will have to make one and it will probably be crap.
So basically what is going to happen on Monday is I will post the topic early enough probably about 12pm Ireland time. I will do sort of an example of what to do. Then you guys do your part and post using the tag BGTB and Beginners Guide To Blogging.
Of course I would love if you let others know about it as the more people who take part the better! Use all your social media and get the message out! If you know any bloggers on other platforms let them know because it would be great to have maybe guest posts or something like that !
I am going to tag people who are already signed up and people who I think would be great at this and of course if you are tagged you don’t have to sign up because I know it isn’t for everyone! Just let me know that it isn’t for you ! It’s not like I am going to go and send you hate and death letters and unfollow from your blog! This is just something fun to do!
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