September favourites!

Hello everyone,

Today I will be showing you my top fave products that I have been loving during the month of September! So….

Let’s get started.

  1. Hand Food Soap and glory: I love this hand cream because it’s so moisturise for your hands when it’s dry. You just need to put a little bit of product on your hand and distribute it which means it will last longer. Also, it smells so nice I can’t explain it! If you know how any original soap and glory scent than you’ll know how amazing it is. Boots: £3.50
  2. Nivea Soft Moisturiser: This is another amazing product! This is a face cream that I have been using everyday and it’s so creamy and nice on the face. A little goes a long way! After one use, your face doesn’t feel dry which is amazing as this is long lasting. It doesn’t have a smell but it just has that fresh feeling to it. Boots: £1.99
  3. Cared original Hand sanitizer: What makes this hand sanitizer the best for me is that you know your hand feel cleaner. It’s Abel consistency and it just tingles for avoid le of seconds than its gone. You can choose a variety of smells but I just chose the original. This may be a small bottle but I still have half of it left and I’ve used it a lot this month. Superdrugs:  £0.99
  4. Compact hairbrush and mirror: This is great for on the go or when you need to fix up your hair or need to look in the mirror for anything. It’s the perfect size so it doesn’t take much space in your bag. Just pop it in! Wilkinson: £1.00

So these are the main products that I have been loving so far. Make sure to comment below any products that you’ve been loving.

😘The Average Gurl


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