Mini Haul: New look, Wilkinson………..

Hello everyone,

Today I thought would be a good idea to do a MINI haul as I did a little bit of shopping. Mainly, some products were bought for the purpose of my blog.

Let’s get started:

Here is an overall look in the products I have purchased:

New Look:

From New look I bought hair accessories because I love them! I have been a bit obsessed with bows and bulldog clips. Her are the prices.

  • Bows: £3.99p
  • Bull Dog clips:
  1. Winter theme: £2.99p
  2. Summer theme: £3.99p

I may use these in future hair tutorials.


I bought some decorative materials and a bit of stationary because who doesn’t love them? These were bought for the purpose of DIY Tuesday’s so make sure to check to see a new DIY or just follow me.

  • Ribbon: £0.45
  • Washi Tap
  1. Green and orange: £0.40p
  2. Pink Checkard and Butterfly: £0.40p
  • PVA Glue: £0.50p

  • Sure Deodarant: £3.00p

Here are the stationary I bought:

  • Mechanical Pencils: £0.75p
  • Diary: £1.00p
  • Stationary set: £1.00p


I got yarn because I want to make: scarfs, headbands, bracelet and bows etc.

  • Yarn: 3 for £2.00p
  1. 1 yarn = £1.00p

Sweet Shop:

My sisters and I went out and we saw a shop that sold old school sweets! Yum! Comment below if you have ever eaten any of the sweets below ⬇️⬇️

  • Fizzy Strawberry Strip: £0.15p each
  • Blueberry and Rasberry Mega sour balls: £1.20p
  • Whistle lolipops: £0.15p

So I hope you guys have enjoyed this MINI haul! Comment below if you have any of the above ⤴️

😘The Average Gurl


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