Accent Braids

Hello everyone,

Today I decided to do another hair post as they have been the most popular posts so far. Here I will show you three ways to add an accent 💁🏻 braid. (Tap images to go full screen).

Lets get started:

1) A Braid In A Braid

A Braid In A Braid

Method: Firstly, part your hair into 3 equal section. Than braid the longest section of your hair to the end and tie it off with a hair band. Than braid all three sections (2 normal sections and 1 braided section) than tie it off. To Finnish of the look, pull on the non-braided sections for it to appear bigger. Done!

2) The side pony with style

The Side Pony With Style

Method: Bring all your hair to the desired side and tie it off. Grab a little section from the pony and braid until you reach the end. Than grab a comb and tease the end of the braid so it is seamless and you do not need to tie it. Done! So simple and I love it💕

3) “Braided” Hair Band

Before we get to the method, you can do this on any type of pony tail e.g pigtails, high pony, low pony, side pony etc. I am doing this on a side pony.

Method: Follow all instructions on the previous hairstyle but do not tease the end of tHe braid. Instead, wrap it around the hair band and secure it with a bobby pin. You can conceal the bobby pin by pinning it behind the pony tail. Done!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post and comment below ⤵️ your favourite accented hairstyle.

😘The Average Gurl

Ps: My sister, Makeup Junkie, will be doing her first ever beauty💋 post for my blog. The post is a surprise so make sure to check my Instagram to see what type of post it is.


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