Q&A: Trees as Transport?

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to answer some questions that you guys have asked me from Instagram. I have chosen 5 of my favourites; here they are:

@ilyliqhts asked:

Food or Wifi?💓😻😱 You have to pick one; you can’t say both?☁️

I would choose food because I love food and I would be doing new things than being on the Internet 24/7. (I still love wifi but, food is my life).

@missberrygirlyt asked:

Would you rather live in a world  where trees were transport or where or you could zip line from TV lines?

Urm, I would choose the trees being transport because it sounds a lot more fun! No need for roller coasters, just ask the tree to go faster. Also, you can choose how high you want to be by choosing the size of the tree🌳.

@perfinpink asked:

Do you feel safe making a blog?

Yes, I do because I will not be telling you my age, where I live or show my face on this blog. I am anonymous, that is why I moved from blogger to WordPress because people need to know your google info to follow you.

@awkward.dreamers asked:

What is your favourite TV show?

My favourite TV show is The Walking Dead because the story line is really good and is really gets your attention. Really gruesome and sad.

@itz.lauren asked:

What’s your favourite animal?

My favourite animal/pet are cats. Sadly, I’m not allowed a cat🐈.

So these were the five of my favourite questions asked for this Q&A. Want more? Like and comment below.⬇️⬇️

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